Artist Statement: Looking at Looking

The 'Looking at Looking' series depicts people in museums and galleries, engaged in looking at the presented art.  Compositions are comprised of a single figure with no rendered environment.  As a result, sculptural simplicity of the human form, and idiosyncrasies of stance, physical tension, appearance, and attire become the focus.

Mirroring the 'live' viewers in an exhibition setting, each individual pictured in the paintings conveys a specific energy when seen alone.  Combining the pieces, however, creates new, hybrid relationships among them - much as temporary 'communities' casually form when diverse groups of individuals come together in visiting a museum.

A particular intimacy develops among people who share a space while absorbed in the art encountered there.  We are 'in private while in public' - alone together.  Suspension of self-consciousness, whether momentary or prolonged, is an identifying attribute of this state of really looking.  It's a poignant commonality.  The paintings in this group refer to that circumstance in which 'looking at looking' leads to more inclusively seeing each other.
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